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Installation of the Tower Crane


In the construction of tall buildings such as the xiamen blank, the tower crane is an essential equipment that helps lifting material and equipment. Its position, height and boom's length are carefully chosen to match the needs and site constraints. The crane is located in the north-west quadrant of the site.

1. A worker prepares the site of the tower crane . The area is thoroughly washed with a high-pressure water jet, and then leveled with a layer of light-weight concrete.

2. Construction of the formwork for the concrete base. Observe the steel reinforcement and the cages of anchor-bolts for the crane tower. The modular formwork system appears to be made by PERI.

3. Ready-mixed concrete is pumped through guided hose to the site. Concrete is poured off the mixer truck and pumped by a concrete-pump truck that has long-reach boom.

4. A worker controls the hose while another handles a high-cycle, pneumatic vibrator which helps settle concrete uniformly and eliminate large bubbles and air pockets.

5. The R/C base for the tower crane is completed. Rebars for only one column is provided, and thus, it seems that the elevator shaft will not be here on the base.

6. Installation of the metal base plates (for the tower's legs) on a fresh bed of mortar.

7. Concrete block counterweights for stabilizing the boom of tower crane.

8. The tower crane is installed section by section. A mobile-crane helps lift the sections into position.

13. The base for a second crane, which is in the south-west quadrant of the site.

14. The base is ready for installation of the crane.
15. Final adjustment and operational verifications.

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